Journey Urns

We offer a selection of Journey Water Urns which are hand-crafted from sustainably produced and biodegradable mulberry paper. These beautiful and natural urns when placed in water will float briefly and then sink gracefully to the riverbed, where they break down naturally over time. Not only are they beautiful but they also prevent ashes blowing around which can upset some people. We can help you transfer the ashes to the urn on the day or send it to your funeral director for transfer ready for your collection.  Please call 01789 269669 for more information or send an email via our Contact page.

Divas & petals

We offer beautiful bio-degradable floating divas made from a bamboo pot with ghee and a wick for £3.50 per diva.

We also offer fresh rose petals displayed in a large wicker basket in a variety of colours (cream, pale pink, dark pink, orange, red) for £6 per colour.