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We offer caring, tailored
Ashes Scattering cruises for everyone, religious or not.

For your ceremony, or memory cruise, we take you out on the beautiful River Avon aboard our heated and comfortable all-weather boat, The Rita Ellen.

The Warwickshire Avon rises in Naseby village, near Rugby. Then flows through Leicestershire & Northamptonshire, past Coventry, Leamington Spa & Warwick and then Stratford upon Avon. The Avon joins the River Severn and then flows into the sea. Your ceremony will be at a pretty spot away from the busy Stratford town centre. You may hold your ceremony with or without a priest, minister or celebrant. 

For comfort and ease we suggest the maximum number of guests to be 24.  We can welcome up to 32 guests and will discuss this when you make contact.                      

We abide by His Majesty’s Coastguards and our river authority (ANT) regulations and do not cruise if the river state poses any risk.

Here are a selection of things that we offer...

Your River Ceremony

For your ceremony or memory we take you out in to the countryside. The cruise lasts around 75-90 minutes.

Heated boat

The Rita Ellen is nicely furnished and heated, with a toilet and hot water for hand washing. We are wheelchair friendly.

Journey Waterurn & Petals

Journey Water Urns are perfect for guests who prefer not to see the ashes, and also prevent ashes blowing in the wind when scattered.


We offer a lovely cup of Masala tea, Yorkshire tea, freshly-brewed coffee, also fruit tea, soft drinks all with a selection of egg-free biscuits for £4.00pp

Hindu Prayers

Hindu prayers & mantras we have can play on your cruise. Alternatively you can bring your own music to play through our speakers

Sikh Shabads

Sikh Shabads we can play on your cruise. Alternatively you can bring your own music to play through our Bluetooth speakers

Get in touch with us

If you would like to discuss your ceremony, please contact us for more information.